Aircraft Mechanic

Ready to earn your wings?

Aircraft mechanics not only keep millions of travelers safe and on time, but they support shipping, transport, emergency services, and even the military. And because they’re good work is at the backbone of our country’s safety and success, aircraft mechanics can earn more than double what other mechanics bring home. In fact, the median expected salary for a jet aircraft mechanic is about $77,000 in the United States. That’s a steep career incline worth climbing.

Aircraft or aviation mechanics can refer to a wide range of positions, including airframe and power plant technicians, avionics technicians, and instrument repair personnel. They service, repair, and overhaul a variety of aircraft components, like airframes, engines, electrical and hydraulic systems, propellers, avionics equipment, and aircraft instruments. Advances in computer technology, solid-state electronics, and composite structural material compel current aircraft mechanics to keep training over the course of a career, much like a doctor or IT professional. The benefit is a chance to challenge yourself and expand your skill set, taking on new and exciting tasks each year.