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Auto Body Mechanic

Get your career started as an Auto Body Mechanic

As an auto body mechanic you’ll restore, refinish, replace, and reboot classic cars and futuristic forms. From hammering out minor dings and dents to bumper-to-bumper custom makeovers, auto body mechanics enjoy suped-up careers with variety and stability.

Auto body mechanics typically work from a central garage or shop, sometimes dedicated to regional or manufacturer-specific cars. Talented and passionate mechanics may prefer trackside glory, pit adventures, or taking the open road to self-employment. Glass repair specialists may make house calls or work roadside in a pinch.

The median annual wage of automotive body mechanics hovers around $40,500, with lots of opportunities to specialize. Formal training isn’t always required in the field, but certainly makes candidates more attractive. Apprenticeships may serve as an alternative to other professional training.

Pounding, polishing, sanding and buffing may be tough work, but auto body mechanics enjoy hands-on satisfaction as well as the chance to reimagine and rebuild legendary automobiles. They also get the pleasure of playing with some pretty cool toys (some call them tools), like metal-cutting guns, plasma cutters, and heavy-duty hydraulic jacks and hammers. So why not get your bangs and your bucks at the same time as an auto body mechanic?

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