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Automotive Mechanic

Get your career started as an auto mechanic

Automotive mechanics - sometimes called service technicians - inspect, maintain, and repair personal vehicles from sporty roadsters to family SUVs and light trucks. Jacks and Jills of most trades, automotive mechanics quite literally keep things rolling with deft hands and wide knowledge of the auto industry.

A typical work day might include testing parts and systems, diagnosing mechanical failures, changing oil and vital fluids, rotating tires, and total reconstruction. Depending on your interest level and ability, you’ll be able to specialize in areas like braking, electronic systems, steering, and transmission. And while the work can get a bit greasy now and then (okay, most days) . . . (okay, every day), automotive mechanics enjoy the creature comforts of well-ventilated, open-air garages. That comes with the convenience of working in the same place each day and learning to trust one crew.

Most employers prefer automotive mechanics with formal training and industry certification is often available with employment. Auto techs and mechanics can expect to bring home a median wage of about $39,500 worth of bacon, with an average growth in employment rate.

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