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How To Become An Automotive Mechanic

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Want to Be an Automotive Mechanic? Better Go to Mechanic School!

Are you interested in pursuing a career as an automotive mechanic? Whether you grew up in a garage or have never held a wrench before in your life, mechanic school is the best way to launch a successful career as a mechanic.

That's because going to an automotive mechanic's school sets you on a path to become one of the most sought-after auto mechanics around. Auto mechanic schools not only give you the training you need to become a skilled mechanic, but they also give you credentials that can open the door to greater flexibility and higher pay than peers who don’t go to school.

Life as an Automotive Mechanic: The Lowdown

The main reasons to become and auto mechanic are stability, flexibility, and pay. It's hard to find a job that will be secure even when the economy isn't doing well. But as long as there are cars on the road, mechanics will be needed to repair them and make sure they're running smoothly. Mechanics provide a valuable service that is necessary for our entire country to function – so you can be sure of continuing to grow and thrive through economic ups and downs.

It also means that as a mechanic you can find work no matter where you choose to move. Just about everywhere needs good mechanics, and the same skills are useful in every garage. Your flexibility won't just be limited to location either. If you work at an independent shop, you can have a lot of control over when you work and how many hours you put in each week. That means that if you need to save up you can work extra, and if you need to spend more time with your family you can always scale down your hours. Not many jobs give you that kind of control over your life while letting you earn a decent salary.

Speaking of salary, the pay as an automotive mechanic is great! The median auto mechanic makes $19 per hour or $39,500 per year, and the job growth rate for mechanics is higher than average. Plus you can always put in more hours if you need to make more money. Want to make even more while working the same amount? Well, that's why you go to mechanic school.

Why You Need to Go to Mechanic School

Technically you don't need any formalized training to become an automotive mechanic, so why would anyone spend the time and money it takes going to automotive mechanic school? Well, while you may not need a degree or certification to work as a mechanic, getting hired is a different story. Going to mechanic school will allow you choose the job you want, instead of struggling to find work at all.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, mechanics who work at a dealership make 20% more than the average mechanic and 27% more than mechanics at part stores and tire stores. In order to work at a dealership, though, you need to be a certified mechanic for the specific car brand. Many automotive mechanic schools have relationships with the manufacturers, which will allow you to graduate with those certifications you need to work at a dealership. Even if you go the independent route, brand certifications will help you find work at specialized, higher-paying auto shops.

Going to mechanic school can also give you certifications from the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, or ASE. Many shops won't hire mechanics who aren't ASE certified, and mechanics with ASE certifications tend to earn higher hourly rates. And even if you don't have an ASE certification after graduating from mechanic school, you'll likely have an easier time finding work since your degree proves that you have been trained as a mechanic. Plus, remember that flexibility we were talking about? Well, without a degree or certification, you'll have a much harder time finding work anywhere you go.

Ready to Get Started?

Okay, so now you know that a career as an automotive mechanic can be a lucrative and liberating, and that mechanic school will set you on the right track to have the greatest stability, flexibility, and pay. But, there are so many mechanic schools out there, how on earth can you pick the right one? Well, is here to help!

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