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Diesel Mechanic

Get your career started as an Diesel Mechanic

Diesel mechanics and service technicians inspect, repair, and all-out overhaul trucks, busses, and rigs as big as your career dreams.

Diesel service technicians and mechanics inspect, repair, or overhaul large vehicles and diesel engines. Though some on-site, roadside work may be necessary, most of a diesel mechanic’s time is spent in a central repair shop, bustling with the sounds and stains of hard work. Diesel disciples can expect to bring home around $46,000 in salary, with lots of opportunities for overtime and advancement training.

Industry certification and formal diesel training are attractive to employers, but apprenticeships and on-the-job education can help aspiring diesel mechanics get a foot in the garage door. Employment in the diesel field enjoys fairly average annual growth.

With unmatched efficiency and durability, diesel motors power our country’s shipping and transit industries. Mechanics will get their hands on everything from bulldozers and cranes to boats and semis, working on electrical systems, engines, and emission controls, as well as retrofitting entire vehicles and fleets.

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