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Farm Equipment Technician

Get your career started as an Farm Equipment Technician

Farm equipment mechanics take homeland heritage to the next level by testing, maintaining, and powering up some of our country’s biggest toys. And since our farms power our people, farm equipment mechanics are the heroes (though sometimes unsung) of every harvest. From construction and farming to rail transportation, farm equipment is an exciting field for ambitious mechanics who like to do it all.

While formal training, certifications, and apprenticeships can make any job candidate more attractive, many farm equipment mechanics get started growing up in and around farmlands. That’s why many employers support extensive on-the-job-training, meaning most mechanics learn by doing. Working with heavy equipment leads to a median yearly income of about $49,500. Along with standard benefits, farm equipment mechanics often enjoy fresh air and open spaces where they work and live, as well as paths to self-employment.

Farm equipment mechanics service big farm equipment like tractors and harvesters, as well as consumer-grade lawn and garden tractors. But not all of them get down to the farm everyday, with many working in clean and comfortable dealer repair shops. Heavy equipment specialists may also repair and maintain construction and surface mining equipment, like bulldozers, cranes, graders, and excavators, as well as military equipment.

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