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HVAC Mechanic

Get your career started as an HVAC Mechanic

Heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration mechanics and installers, or HVAC mechanics know how to chill out. They also know how to heat, ventilate, and refrigerate, controlling air quality so everyone else can breathe easy. Working in residential homes, schools, hospitals, offices, and more, there’s always work for HVAC mechanics who can brave the elements. Working conditions may sometimes be cramped and environmentally stressful, but these mechanics are essential to safe working environments across the country.

HVAC or HVACR systems are quite complex and employers seek applicants with some formal education (especially apprenticeships), as well as licenses that may be required by state law. Because the industry is growing so quickly and steadily, strong problem-solvers with good old-fashioned patience will find it easy to land steady employment. HVAC Mechanics can expect to bring home a cool $47,000 or thereabouts, according to median earnings reports.

A typical day may include light travel, studying blueprints, connecting fuel lines, water supply, or air ducts, testing components, and replacing parts. Aspiring HVAC pros may also specialize in water-based heating, solar panel technology, or commercial refrigeration.

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