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Marine Mechanic

Get your career started as an Marine Mechanic

It may not be a pirate’s life, but your career as a marine mechanic can still hold plenty of adventure. A typical workday might include diagnosing mechanical, fuel or electrical problems, servicing engines and equipment, making repairs, replacing parts, and keeping vessels in ship shape.

Most marine mechanics enjoy working at central shops or harbors, though some dock or on-board work may be necessary. Maintenance crews may be able to set sail and enjoy the sea breeze. Surroundings can be noisy and subject to the elements, but a marine specialty is valuable and viable in today’s career landscape. In fact, around 20% of marine mechanics are self-employed, enjoying career control and attractive wages. Median earnings in the field hover around $36,000.

Formal motorboat mechanical training isn’t essential, but is very attractive to employers. Quick thinking, an even temperament, and excellent hand-eye coordination are often enough to earn apprenticeships or on the job training, while certifications are another alternative route to resume building.

Marine mechanics may not find work as easily as more general auto workers, but skilled individuals will find satisfying salaries in exciting cities like Chicago, San Francisco, and New York. This unique path tends to attract truly passionate mechanics—many with seaworthy vessels of their own and plenty of tales to tell.

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