Mechanic Technician

More grease monkey than desk jockey?

Get your hands dirty and love it as a mechanic technician! With steady job growth and many paths to employment, the mechanic technician career path is an open road for gear heads with passion. Instead of pushing paper, you’ll inspect, maintain, and rebuild America’s cars and trucks, with plenty of chances for career enrichment and specialization.

The median expected salary for a typical mechanic technician is about $39,000, and while job growth is average but consistent, there are positions available in nearly every town and region. Formal training or an apprenticeship may help you impress employers, especially those seeking specialists, but a cool head and strong hands can take you far. Even hobby work on your own vehicles can provide valuable experience toward your career.

Mechanic technicians may work in a central garage or shop with direct supervision to guide you. Maintaining essential functions, replenishing fluids, and testing systems like braking and alignment gives each mechanic technician the chance to try out a variety of tasks while crew teamwork helps prevent danger and mistakes. This is a great career for anyone who’s ever loved a car, and a smart way to get your foot in the industry and learn by doing.