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Motorcycle Mechanic

Get your career started as an Motorcycle Mechanic

Have we got a job to rev your engine! Motorcycle mechanics build, maintain, and perfect a nation full of choppers, road rockets, and belly-shovers. From Harley to Hell’s Angels and back, motorcycle mechanics see it all and do it all with real pit passion.

The median expected salary for motorcycle motor heads is around $38,000, though formal education isn’t a necessity to land the job. Apprenticeships and on-the-job training can often make up for traditional schooling, with skill and knowledge reigning supreme. Daily tasks may include dismantling engines and repairing parts, tuning and cleaning components, perfecting and reforming frames, and adjusting subassemblies. Creativity and true passion can also lead to advanced bodywork and design, as well as paths to self-employment, racing crew work, and custom fabrication.

Motorcycle mechanics may choose to work in garages that specialize in regional bikes or sports performance, or seek employment in dealership shops for specific brand mastery. Appealing bike specialties include BMX, European scooters, high performance motors, and chopper design. Benefits can include wholesale parts, overtime availability, and the chance to accompany rallies or race teams to exciting locales.

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