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NASCAR Technician

Get your career started as an NASCAR Technician

Never gave up on that childhood dream that even your parents thought was a bit far-fetched? We hear that. The ripping roaring roads of NASCAR glory are reserved for big dreamers and suped-up autos. As a NASCAR technician you’ll be responsible for a real race car, checking on steering, braking, and engine cooling, as well as essential safety standards. And while your buddies may be slaving away in a garage changing oil, you’ll work on the track and in the pit, before, after, and right in the heat of the action.

NASCAR technicians choose between work at the track or in the race shop, though many travel with the team, too. Due to the need for speed and efficiency, many technicians specialize, focusing on one area of the car like the front end or under car. Under-car specialists get intimate with engine and transmission, while others may concentrate on tasks like suspension or chassis adjustments.

While it’s hard to break down a typical NASCAR salary, track technicians have significantly higher earning potential than typical autoworkers. With most service technicians earning up to $50,000 salary, top NASCAR-employed earners can bring in around $60,000 a year with attractive benefits. While any formal automobile technology training will be helpful on this career path, you may seek specialized NASCAR technician training programs for your best chance at a dream career.

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