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Radio Mechanic

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While the world of personal communications may seem so cellular, radio communications still guide aircrafts, taxis, boats, and emergency vehicles worldwide. Radio mechanics are the talented experts who repair and maintain the radio communications that keep us safe and keep us moving. With the help of sophisticated diagnostic equipment, these mechanics rework, rewire, and reinvent ways to keep the world in constant contact when it really counts.

While radio may seem like a step back in technology, today’s radio mechanics must master complex computer systems that control radio communication. This requires deft hands and keen eyes, since electric shocks and radio frequency exposure can pose health hazards. However, skilled radio mechanics will find a variety of work around the country and earn a median salary of around $57,000. Training can be obtained in vocational or technical school, or through practical experience in the military, which has a great need for radio communications workers.

Once employed, radio mechanics can keep training and adapting to new technologies by attending manufacturers’ seminars. Skilled and specialty radio mechanics can easily expand their earning potential with passion, hunger, and a healthy curiosity. This may lead to work aboard ships or aircrafts, with the proper FCC license.

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